What makes us different from other manufacturers?

Nophie offers vision and change in its way of conceiving and making cosmetics; natural, healthy, effective and personalised cosmetics as opposed to mass industrial production of generic cosmetics.

we manufactur products offering maximum guarantee and quality by selectively choosing each raw material and by doing so we can respond to the efficiency of the product required.


We are conscious of the difference that a careful choice of raw material can make to the end product.

The criteria we use in formulation is to obtain the final composition ingredient by ingredient. We do not use mixed ingredients as this does not give any guarantee to our customer that he will be getting the correct percentage of each one in the formula. Our aim is to be able to guarantee the exact composition of the final product.


In our aim to obtain maximum performance from our products , we study the optimal concentration of each ingredient to reach the desired effect.

For example, if our products contain 2.5% aloe vera extract in a 1/40 concentration ratio, they are as equally efficient as a product containing 100 % aloe vera.

Our concentration ratio of 1/40 means that each gramme introduced into the formula contains 40 grammes of plant extract.


We start each process with a comparative study between the product requested and the benchmark product on the market. Analising all ingredients used is the only way we can demonstrate to our customer that the product commissioned is superior to that of its competitors.


We conceive, we formulate, we manufacture, we design and we pack.

research and development, USP and product identity

Upon briefing by Nophie Consulting, our team of technicians and botanical experts create the formula, the soul of the product, which makes it unique on the market.

Comparative analysis and proposal for a hand cream
manufactured by NOPHIE

Generic cream Comments Nophie 99,4% Natural Comments
Emolients Stearic acid
Palmitic acid
Sodium sulfate
Suspected to be an environmental toxin, irritate skin and low quality smoothing effect Triglycerides from coconut oil
Cetearyl octanoate
Select oils which, are superior to the emolients in the generic cream.
Cetearyl octanoate contributes to a high silkiness effect.
Moistening, Moisturising and conditioning Glycerin Vegetable glycerin
Aloe Vera
Moisturises, anti-irritant
Hygroscopic Does not contain any hygroscopic element Spinosa caesalpin As it penetrates the skin, so does the water from the cream which is retained in the skin
Antioxidants Dilauryl Thiodipropinate Camellia sinensis Green tea
Emuslifiers Ceteary alcohol
Sodium cetearyl
Ceteary alcohol
Sodium cetearyl
Preservatives Methylparaben
Under scrutiny due to posible detrimental effects Potassium sorbate
Sodium bensoate
Natural and synthetic origin accepted by ECOCERT

product strategy, pricing and distribution channel
Packaging design

For optimal results of a cosmetic product, each división : research and development, strategy and design work together to create a coherent product. Experts in marketing, communication and design carry out comparative market studies in order to define the framework of the product : formula, design, channel and price.


  • Naming, branding and/or renovation or up-dating of brand.
  • Benchmarking in order to compare product with competition
  • Packaging design right up to launch on the market
  • Comparative analysis of quality of quantitive formulation compared to that of the competition.

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